Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica!!

Happy Birthday Jessi! For those who don't know Jessi, she is my step-daughter. My hubby's second baby girl. She is 27 today. She lived with us as a teenager. She moved out shortly before her 19th birthday. We spent 6 years with no communication. Shortly before the babies were born and the day Steve was released from the hospital, after a cardiac scare, she called. Out of the blue. We talked for hours. We spent the next several months talking. A lot! In the 6 years of absence she had grown up. She had changed. She was no longer the troubled teenage girl with an attitude. Trust me, she still has attitude but it is good now. Easter weekend of last year Steve flew to Utah to help her move down here to be with us again. In the last 16 months she has proven, without trying to, just how much she has grown up. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. She has become one of my best friends and I can't imagine a life without her in it. I can honestly say that even if we hadn't been brought together by her father, if I had choice, I would chose her as a friend. She makes me laugh. She makes me cry(because of the sweet things she does and says). She is a wonderful daughter. A terrific friend. An awesome big sister. The babies love her(almost as much as she loves them). She loves to show off her baby brothers and sister. She is an awesome big sister to Caitlin. She loves the Lord and she found him on her own out in Utah by herself. She has grown into an awesome Christian woman. My prayer for her is that she finds a guy that is deserving enough to have her. That she gives us grandchildren that I know she will be an wonderful mother to. She doesn't date much. I guess most guys aren't real intrested because the first thing out of her mouth before accepting a date is that there will never be sex as long as she isn't married. Some are dumb enough to think they can change that. They have all been wrong. I know there is someone out there for her. I know that it in God's time she will find him.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Despite the late hour and late dinner the kids did great. We asked the waitress to make it as embarrassing as possible. She did a great job.


Angie said...

Denise, looks like a fun birthday. I loved reading about the relationship you have with Jessi. I think that is something every mother wishes for. Way to go Jessi!! Stand firm and wait for the best Christ has in store for you.

Candace Hickey said...

Your message here brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful relationship you all must have....a true blessing. Jessi sounds like a special girl. :)

Jamie said...

Hi Denise! This is the first time I have been on your website, and wow! It has brought quite a few tears to my eyes, to see how big the babies are, and to see that you are taking good care of everyone down there. Thank you for all the sweet things you said about Jessica. She all the things you say about her, and so much more. Thank you for being such a good friend to her, and for being such a good mommy to my baby brothers and sister. You have done such a good job with the website, too! Hugs and Kisses to Everyone for me. -Jamie Rae Wheeler