Sunday, August 17, 2008

Triple the Love

They can be so sweet to each other. I love to see them give each other hugs and kisses. Joshua will occassionally do this really funny hug thing. He will walk up to his brother or sister and with open arms, one to the front and one to the back, he will slap their chest and back. That is his hug. He doesn't always do it that way but when he does it is hilarious. Someday I will capture it on video so you can see what I am talking about. I love how much they love each other. If one is crying the other two are right there. They will stroke the crying ones head, give blankey, give cup and if none of that works, they will look at us as if they are saying "you need to fix it. Make it better." They completely melt my heart. Those moments. The hugs and kisses are becoming an everyday thing. They will even hold hands now when we are walking in church.


Kellan said...

How precious they are - they are truly a gift!!!

Hope you had a good weekend, Denise - nice to see you. Take care - Kellan

MaryBeth said...

It is so sweet, isn't it?!? I just love the way they take care of each other these days... and I suspect it'll only get better!

Dorinda said...

Just now catching up! Great videos and pictures :) I love it when they are nice to each other - thank God it's starting to happen more often.

And Julianna loves ketchup - her fries become the spoons to shovel the ketchup in - I certainly hope she learns someday that she's supposed to eat the fries!

Also love the new verse that you put on your blog - we just finished a year of Sunday school for women based on that verse. It was for moms - teaching us how to raise our kids up in the Lord. So important.

Angie said...

Those moments are so precious and innocent! They make you forget the hitting and pushing :)

Misty said...

Too cute! I found mine brushing each others hair the other day. It is so sweet to see the bond between them.

Annie said...

Yes, the bond is amazing. I love how mine look after each other, too.............and the kissing is sooo funny! My girls do these open mouthed kisses.............too funny!