Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Triplet Updates

Hi! It's me Lucy. I thought I would give mommy a break and post for her.
I thought I would just fill you in on some of our new and continuing happenings.
Since I am the princess we will start with me. :)

As I said, I am the princess and I know it. I am finally starting to talk a little more. I just wanted to freak mommy and daddy out a little. Now that I see they are freaked out I thought I would calm them down by saying a few new words. I just blurted out cookie one day and the next day while watching Sesame Street I said bubble. I say them clear as a bell too. Mommy and daddy are now duct taping my diapers because I like to take the off.I can undress myself too. I love to climb. I love to swing. I am so happy that mommy and daddy bought us that swing set. It is so much fun to swing and climb the ladder and then down the slide. Mommy took us to the dentist and he said my teeth look really good and I am about 6 months ahead of the boys. Hehe. I only have 4 more teeth to get. I do everything first, well, almost. I still only sign more and thank you and I don't do it enough for mommy. I try to be a good helper. If one of the boys is crying I will try to help make them feel better. I don't like it when I can't help. I will get them their blankies and their cups. Sometimes it works. I am getting pretty good at helping to pick up our toys too. When I wake up at night, I only want mommy. I like it when she just lets me sleep with her. We cuddle all night long. I love to give kisses and hugs and hold my brothers hands. We dance a lot too. I really like it when mommy picks me up and dances with me. Sometimes, I don't like being a triplet. I always have to share mommy but she does take each one of us out by ourselves sometimes. I like that. I do miss my brothers though when we do that. I always get very excited to see them when we finally come home. I love junk food the best but mommy almost never lets me have it. I do eat pretty good most of the time though. Mommy makes yummy stuff for dinner.

Joshua is trying to say more. He said Lolly the other morning. It means Holly, as in out Aunt who babysits us. Joshua doesn't have to have his diaper taped, he leaves it on. He loves to climb too. And swing. Daddy says those doctors don't know anything that Joshua is going to be just fine. Josh is really strong and sometimes really mean. He likes to pull my hair when he gets mad. I cry because it hurts but I usually just bite him for it. He loves his blankie the most. I try to get it for him when he is sad about something. Sometimes, after we all get up, he will go back to our room and pull our blankies out of our beds and bring them to us. He doesn't like to give kisses very much but when he does they are super sweet. Joshua is such a daddy's boy. He always only wants daddy. He hogs him in fact. Sometimes he only wants mommy but mostly it is daddy. He likes to wrestle with daddy. Joshua really loves his vegetables. We all like fruit. Joshua is really the only one who will eat vegetables but he doesn't eat too much meat. He will eat it if mommy hides it in something like goulosh, pasghetti, chicken fettucini alfredo, that kind of stuff. OOH, we all love bread and potatoes too. Joshua is pretty good at picking up toys too.

Markas is such a cuddle bug. He always only wants mommy. He is starting to say a few words too. He loves to swing, climb and slide. He likes dancing with mommy too. We fight over mommy's lap a lot. She tries to get us to each sit on one side but we just don't want to share. Markas freely passes out hugs and kisses. And he means them! Sometimes Markas and I will hold hands and walk or dance together. Markas gives mommy lots of kisses all the time. He always holds mommy's hand when we are out somewhere and not in our stroller. When he isn't doing his high pitched scream he is generally the quiter of the three of us. He is the shyest. He hardly eats anything at all for mommy. I heard her say she was worried about his weight. He really doesn't eat much, ever, except breakfast. I think that is the only real meal he will eat. It is probably because he is getting more teeth.

We all love animals. The boys like to chase bugs but I haven't really gotten into that too much, yet. Oh, the dentist said that the boys teeth looked good but Markas' gums were a little red. He said it was probably just because he is teething though.
Can you believe it? We will be 2 really soon.

Well, if you actually made it this far, thanks for reading my really long post. Mommy is probably going to be mad at me for writing so much. She told me guest bloggers aren't supposed to be long winded. Whatever that means.


Hurst Family said...

Tell Lucy I read the whole thing and that she did a very good job! They seem to be doig great and keeping you on your toes...what more could you want? - Laura

Hurst Family said...

Oh hey - denise - have you heard the country song, I saw God today? I'm not advanced enough to add music to our blog, so thought of yours instead. :) If you haven't heard it - you have to look it up, it is a good one!