Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chasing animals

Hi! It's me Joshua. I love to chase things. In this picture I was chasing our cat but I love to chase the lizards and other stuff too. It is kind of cool living in the country. We have all kinds of animals. We recently have been invaded every night by a family of raccoons that like to hang out on our back porch. I think Mommy tried to take a picture of them but it didn't really come out. That first night there were 8 of them on our back porch. Mommy said it was because of the dog and cat food out there. She makes big sis, Caico, bring in the food at night so they won't come back. A couple of them still do though.
We had a big owl land on top of our swing set one day. There are all kinds of squirrels. We have lots of different types of birds too. OOOOHHHH! AND we have deer! Daddy told mommy he wanted to get a deer feeder. I want to chase them all and pet them and hug them! Mommy says I can't do that though. Oh well. Maybe when I get bigger.