Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cute stories

Since Ike decided to hit Texas I have been working my tail off. Due to mandatory overtime imposed on us, I have only had one day off in the last week. That one day I had with the trio wasn't a very good one. They were whiny, defiant little twerps all day that day. However, the last couple of days with daddy have been good ones for the most part. They are still acting very much like 2 year olds but have done some really cute things that of course, I missed out on.

Friday, after Caitlin got out of school, Daddy took everyone grocery shopping. There is a reason that daddy doesn't the grocery shopping normally. He buys a bunch of junk that no one needs and spends a fortune doing it. Oh well. We were running low on milk and cereal and my Red Diamond Sweet Tea(I am too lazy to make it myself). So, off to the store they went. They got milk, my tea, cereal, marshmallows, cookies, fig newtons(see what I am talking about?), Walmart chicken, potato skins, beans and potato salad.
They got home and he fed them Lucky Charms(they have never had these before because I don't buy this kind of cereal) and potato skins for dinner. Apparently, Joshua would take a spoon full of Lucky Charms, pick a marshmallow out, giggle hysterically and then eat the marshmallow. I really wish I could have seen that. I also really wish I knew what was so funny about those marshmallows.

Yesterday, daddy and Markas were in the bedroom watching football. It was Saturday, it is football season, it is what he does. He heard the kitchen chairs being moved around. He said Markas looked toward the kitchen, looked at him, looked back to the kitchen, looked at him and then got down off his lap. Daddy got up. Markas went running. As soon as he got to the kitchen he started yelling "daddy, daddy, daddy". Like he was trying to warn them that daddy was coming. Yep, they already have their system figured out.

I promise, more pictures soon and hopefully I can stop neglecting my blog. I have no idea how much longer we are going to be on mandatory overtime.


Candace Hickey said...

Ok, that is too cute...already warning each
I hope your work schedule slows down...oh, and no more scary people following you at night!

MaryBeth said...

Too funny. Sounds like you are in big trouble if they already have their little system worked out for warning each other.

Angie said...

Very cute stories. How funny trying to "warn" the other 2...

I hope your schedule will get back to normal soon! Hang in there! You and your husband have very important jobs. Stay safe.