Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Tale of Two Brothers

There once was 2 brothers, they were part of a set of triplets. They were very helpful little guys. One night mommy and daddy tried to put them to bed. However, they decided it wasn't bed time. So, mommy and daddy let them get back up. They cuddled with mommy and daddy for a while and read books. After a while, the two brothers decided they wanted to play. Mommy was in the kitchen and saw them go into the play room. Mommy reached around the corner and turned on the light and then went about what she was doing. Pretty soon Joshua came up to mommy and said "Uh Oh". Mommy said, "Uh Oh what?". Joshua babbled a bit. Mommy said, "Joshua you are a silly boy, now go and play." Joshua went back to the play room. Mommy was now engrossed in America's Got Talent. Joshua approached mommy again and again said, "Uh oh". Mommy said "What uh oh Josh b'gosh?" Joshua babbled. Again, mommy said, "Go play you silly boy". About 10 minutes later Joshua came back and again said, "Uh oh". Mommy noticed that the pantry door was now open, so, mommy and Joshua walked to the pantry. On the way through the kitchen mommy noticed Markas playing with the broom. Mommy thought "good, maybe someone else will learn how to use the stupid thing!". Mommy turned on the pantry light and saw all the oatmeal packets on the floor. Mommy told Joshua to help her pick them up and he did. He is such a helpful little fellow. Princess Lucy came into the pantry, grabbed the box of Nutripals fruit bars and took off running. Mommy caught her and asked everyone if they wanted a snack. They all climbed up into their chairs. Mommy smelt something funny but thought nothing of it. Mommy gave everyone a snack and then went to find her broom and dust pan. That was when she saw what all the uh oh's were about. It seems that after almost 2 years, mommy's dog has decided he is jealous. He had pooped in the middle of their play room! When mommy didn't respond to the uh oh's the two very helpful brothers decided to clean the mess themselves. With the broom and dust pan they had successfully smeared fresh dog poo all over their play room.

Moral of the story: If your 21 month old child comes to you and says uh better follow him to find out what the uh oh is all about!


Misty said...

Oh, no!!!!! I will definitely follow your advice. I have had a few uh-oh's, but not that one. Just for the record, oxi-clean will help with any staining. (yes, the informercial is true!)
Good luck!

Dorinda said...

Oh no!! That must have been fun to clean up!

The same moral applies to when you hear nothing at all because for some reason that just isn't a good sign. How much longer till it means they're just playing nicely together and NOT getting into trouble??

MaryBeth said...

Yuck!! I guess you'll hop to next time someone says uh oh... Anytime my guys are quiet and or saying things like that I know it's not gonna be good!! What sweethearts though that they were TRYING to help clean it up. Good boys!

Angie said...

Oh Denise!! When it rains its pours...I will totally agree that when you hear "uh oh" or complete silence it is not a good sign.

You do have some very helpful boys- at least they were trying to help clean up the mess.

I hope you will get some rest and pain relief soon...

Elizabeth said...

I cannot believe how much they have grown!! You and Steve are so blessed and surrounded by so much love....and have so much love to give.

Angie said...

Unfortunately we are not very close to Witchita...I think it is over 4 hours away:(
I hope you will be able to visit your dad soon though.

Candace Hickey said...

Ok, this made me laugh out loud! I share this story with my hubby...we have 2 dogs so we will keep an eye out!

The FarmHouse Triplets said...

Oh that is so funny! That's almost the kind things happen around here.

I could send you some cow poop!

Hope you're safe ... and mainly hope you're getting rest since I know with your job, you're going to be on the go.