Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toddler Beds

Well, we officially made the switch on Sunday. We ended up just converting all of the beds. Sunday night was torture. The wee ones finally went to bed about 9pm. However, they were all back up at 1am. I finally got everyone back in bed and asleep about 415am. Only to be back up and ready to start the day at 630am. Last night was a little better. Daddy said he put them to bed and after a 10-15 minutes he heard them playing. Back in the room he goes. He found them swapping pillows and blankets and playing in one anothers beds. He put them back in their beds and told them they needed to stay. This went on three more times before they finally went to sleep. Lucy was awake when I got home from work. She ended up sleeping with me. The boys stayed in thier beds all night. Although, Markas started whimper/crying off and on about midnight. It only lasted about half an hour though. Hopefully tonight will go well too.
Oh, Sunday morning daddy took Lucy back to her room and put her in her crib. He told her to show him how she was getting out. She did. She was throwing her leg up on the top rail and then flipping over and grabbing hold of the top rail and then lowering herself to the floor. I don't know how she never fell. Smarty pants!


Dorinda said...

I'm just not ready for that yet! I'm thinking the six hours older that they are is making a big difference :) Mostly I'm just not ready to deal with the hassle... And our cribs don't convert as nicely as yours so it would mean new toddler beds. Too expensive!

Angie said...

Denise I hope things will continue to improve with the new bed situation!! It's a new thing they have to learn and unfortunately that can take some time:( Hang in there...you are doing a great job!

The Texas Trio said...

OH! Shades of our future! We are hoping to hold them off a little longer ... like 2 more years! :)

I know it is coming soon, but for now, still no climbers.


The FarmHouse Triplets said...

How are they doing now that they've figured out they have freedom?

I hope your transition is easier than ours was ... still is a nightmare some nights when I can't hold my head up and they're disco dancing and partying in their room!