Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cuddle time with Gma

Gma doesn't get to spend much time with the trio but on this evening she got lots of cuddle time with Josh B'gosh. She had taken the night off from work so she could come to my Pampered Chef party that afternoon. Daddy was out playing in a golf tournament and he was gone all day long. Gma hung out with us all day and most of the evening. In fact I think it was close to 11 before she bagan her long drive home. She came and sat down in the rocking chair in my bedroom while I was bathing the trio. I got Joshua out of the tub and put his diaper on. He then went and climbed up into her lap. She must have rocked him for about a half hour before I had to make him get up and put on his jammies. I know he would have let her rock him to sleep if his jammies had already been on.
Sorry mom, I thought they were just too precious to not share.
We love you Gma!!!!
Oh and daddy's golf tournament went well. I don't know how he did playing but he won a 200 dollar gift card to a golf pro shop in the area. They just happen to sell golf clubs on consignment so he is planning on picking up a decent set with his gift card.


MaryBeth said...

Cuddling with Gma is precious time! Congrats Dad on the new golf clubs... I wish I had time for golfing again. Maybe when they are all in school???