Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Little Time Travel

For those that may not know. I delivered the triplets at Wilford Hall Medical Center, at Lackland AFB. They have the best NICU, however, it is rather small. The NICU was almost full when I delivered. There was already a set of triplets in there and mine were going to put them at the max. However, a couple hours after I delivered another set of triplets was born. Since those triplets were only 25 weeks and mine were 32, my trio got transfered. The neonatologist and I had talked about this possibility before they were born. Thankfully, Santa Rosa had room to take them, which was where I wanted them to go if they had to be moved. I have worked with the nurses at Santa Rosa for years. The company I work for has the contract with their hospital system and we do all of their NICU and PICU transports. I knew they were awesome and would take care of my babies in my absence. They sent 2 teams in 2 ambulances to pick them up. Markas and Lucy were transported together and Joshua went by himself. Joshua and Lucy were intubated and Markas was on a nasal cannula. The paramedic that was with the crew that picked up Markas and Lucy is a friend of mine. She asked us if it was ok to take pictures. Of course, we told her yes. Finally, after almost 2 years, she got me the copies. Thanks Beckie!! You rock!!
Man, we sure have come a really long way. I don't remember them looking so fragile, but then it was a few days after they were born before I actually saw them.
Much to my surprise she also shot a little video of them. It isn't much but it is more than I have from that time. Oh, and this would have been their first ever ride in a vehicle and their first ride in an ambulance.
Again, a huge thanks to Beckie!!!


Dorinda said...

That's very cool. It's always neat to get other people's views of your kids and to have it from when they were so little and you weren't there is even cooler! Glad you got the video and pics!