Sunday, October 5, 2008

Playing with sissy

These kiddos just love their big sister. They will watch for her bus and when they see her get off the bus they will wait by the window. When she starts walking down the drive way they run to the front door. When she comes in they start yelling "hi" and will occassionally even run up to her and give her a hug. It is so cute to watch them get so excited about sissy coming home from school. They like to dance with her too.


Dorinda said...

I just LOVE older siblings!! The girls love to copy Kaitlyn and it just makes me smiled when Kaitlyn or Caleb makes one of the babies laugh or just takes them to play. Super sweet.

Do your older kids help with the babies? Has it made it easier?

MaryBeth said...

So sweet! I bet it is nice to have older siblings that are old enough to actually help out on occasion.

Annie said...

I can just see how they LOVE have a beautiful family!