Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In The Midst

We are currently in the midst of a language explosion. I seriously thought they would never speak but they are proving me wrong. Especially Lucy. Every day she is saying about 3 new words. The boys follow her lead. As it has always been. They are really learning the art of sharing and caring for one another. They are too funny. They will chase each other around the house and laugh and scream. They can tell you how old they are, well, how old they will be in 5 days. Markas took his socks and shoes off earlier. He brought me his shoes with his socks neatly tucked into each shoe. They still fight over mommy. I keep trying to show them that my lap is big enough for all 3 but no, they won't have that. They are all getting up sometime in the middle of the night and climbing into bed with me. If someone can please tell me how to stop that I would appreciate it.
It is hard to believe that 2 years ago I was calling the hospital home and just new that I would be there until after Christmas. Boy was I wrong. We sure have come a long way in the last two years. What an adventure we have had so far!


Angie said...

I just love to hear toddlers talking. It is one of the most precious things!
It is hard to believe that my kids aren't "babies" anymore. I bet you feel the same way...