Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just A Little Flashback

These are pictures that Caitlin took of me 2 years ago yesterday. I can't believe the trio will be 2 in 3 days. Time sure has flown. The day these pictures were taken I thought for sure I had more time to cook them babies. I was convinced that I would be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital. I was wrong. Well, I did spend Thanksgiving in the hospital but it was a different hospital and I no longer held those babies in my tummy.


Misty said...

Love it! I know what you mean on thinking they would stay in longer. I really thought mine wouldn't be born until after Thanksgiving too. But it all worked out. Now to go tend to 4 cranky little birthday girls!

Dorinda said...

At least your husband looks excited!!

Boy, I don't miss those days...