Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Shirts

I don't know if you can really see the shirts the trio has on. They are super cute. My friend Dorothy that just lost her 14 year old in October made the shirts. The poinsettia that is on the front of them was drawn by her son, Austin, before he passed. She took his drawing and copied it and then put it on transfers to put on their shirts. I have to say, I love those shirts and I wish they could have one like it every year, in remembrance of a wonderful young man named Austin. We have another drawing that he did for us proudly displayed in our living room.

This picture is Lucy being sweet to her brothers. She is sweet, most of the time, but she can be very mean to them too. She cracks me up. When they get up in the morning, she will sit up in bed, look at them and say "Hi bubba" and keep saying it until they acknowledge her. Markas and Lucy give out hugs and kisses like crazy. To each other and to us. Joshua is a little more reserved but every now and then he will give them out too.


MaryBeth said...

How very sweet of your friend to make them such sentimental shirts. They are adorable as always sitting under that tree!!