Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rocking Horse

See this really awesome rocking horse? My really wonderful and talented father in law made it. He is a wonderful carpenter. He made the template several years ago. For several years he has made this horse, in three different sizes, and sold them. They are 100% hand made. I have wanted one for years but never got one, that is until the trio came along. My father in law is a truck driver. He hauls cars for auto shows. A year and a half ago he was unloading an old Willy's Jeep and it slipped and pinned him between it and another vehicle. He was airlifted to the University of Michigan. He spent a really long time in the hospital. He had several fractures in his pelvis. They had told him that he would never drive again. Despite the fact that he is in his 70's he is a stubborn man. He proved them wrong and less than a year after the accident he was back on the road. In his time, either off because of the accident or his time off after he went back, not sure which, he made this horse for the trio. He hadn't been able to get run coming down our way but he met up with another driver that was coming our way. That other driver was kind enough to deliver the horse to us. The trio loves it. The amazing thing is, they don't fight over it, they are sharing it really well. The day we got it, which is when the pics were taken, Markas was trying to figure out how to get on it by himself, Lucy wrapped her arms around him and was trying to pick him up to help him on. It was so cute.


Hurst Family said...

They look like they are having a blast. I wish you some sleep over the holidays! And, Oh...and I loved the All About posts. I'm going to copy those too! Tell Steve we said hello! -Laura

Angie said...

What wonderful craftsmanship! I bet that will be a toy they will enjoy for quite awhile. And great job sharing and taking turns!!