Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 08(in pictures)

My mom and I used to always take a day to do our Christmas cookie baking. It hasn't been done in a couple of years because of the birth of the trio and my mom just really can't do it any more. I decided this year, I was going to pick the tradition back up and do it with my own kids. I am blessed with a great work partner who enjoys doing things like that so he joined us. We baked all day and most of the night. The cookies were terrific. I still have more baking to do to give away cookies. The trio loved helping to cut out the cookies and attempting to roll out the dough. The first five pictures are from our baking day. The rest are from Thanksgiving day. Enjoy.
Lucy in her Santa hat and admiring the snow globe her daddy bought her.
My daughter, Caitlin and my work partner, James being silly.
Lucy cutting out a cookie
Markas cutting out a cookie
Joshua cutting out a cookie
I think this was one of the only times she smiled all week. By the way, that stupid Mickey was the best 20 bucks we ever spent.
Markas and Matthew studying the recipe for the pie dough
Markas dumping the flour for the pie dough. My own little chef in the making.
Markas measuring the flour for the pie dough.
My mom making the dressing. Sorry Mom. It was the only picture I got of you.
Joshua, the only thing he helped with was eating. He snagged some bread that was being used for the dressing.
My nephew, RJ, helping me cook
Markas measuring out the salt for the pie dough.
My oldest son, Matthew, helping me cook.
My nephew Brandon
Matthew playing with Joshua
Matthew playing with Joshua,Lucy and my nephew Brandon
Markas making pie dough. Stay tuned for up coming videos of this.
My turkey baster. It broke and well, duct tape fixes everything.
My backyard. I just love my backyard.
Matthew and Lucy


Angie said...

The pictures are great! I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I have been thinking of trying cookies with the kids this year. What a nice tradition for you to continue with your kids.