Friday, December 19, 2008

Triplet Funnies

My little trio have been doing and saying some pretty funny things as of late. So, we will start with Lucy. The other day Lucy and I were in my bedroom. I was calling for Steve. I was yelling honey. Lucy took off running out of the bedroom, yelling, "honey, honey". She was trying to get daddy for me. It was really cute and quite funny. She also helps me cook dinner. She pushes a chair up to the island and stands there while I cook. She repeatedly tells me that it is hot. She can be very sweet to her brothers and very mean too. She and Markas were standing side by side the other day, she looked at him, got this evil little smile, and shoved him so hard he fell down.

Ahh, Mr. Joshua. He has been on a roll. First there was the little incident with the syrup. He got a hold of the syrup and ended up pouring it all over himself, his brother and his sister. Not to mention my floor.
We(the big people in the house) had Taco Bell for lunch. There were extra sauce packets left over. Joshua got a hold of them and had been throwing them around the house. I "thought" I had gotten all of them away from him. I was wrong. Steve took a shower and got dressed. He put his shoes on and felt a "squish". His foot was wet. He took his shoe off and saw an empty sauce packet in the bottom of his shoe. His foot was covered in taco sauce and he swears his shoe is going to smell like taco sauce forever.

Mr. Markas......his most latest and funniest stunt occured while daddy was on the phone with his brother. Markas managed to get what was left of a chocolate pie out of the refrigerator in the laundry room. He took it into the playroom. He was kind enough to share with his brother and sister. The three of them managed to smear it on the walls, themselves and the floor before daddy found them. They were laughing hysterically and having a grand time. He loves to announce that it is dark as soon as the sun goes down. Every night, multiple times, we hear "it dahk".

Oh and the pictures are from their birthday.


MaryBeth said...

I love the funny things they say... isn't this the best age?!?

Hurst Family said...

Hey Denise - They are precious still and I love the Xmas tees. My friend from home is having triplets...all girls so I just shot her your site. Hope you don't mind! -Laura Hurst

The Texas Trio said...

Too funny! Much of the same here minus the pie and syrup. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mommy said...

Love the birthday pictures! Lucy reminds me of Ava, quite a Momma's helper! Oh and the boys would get along great!! At least they include eachother in their acts! Have a great Christmas!