Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bread Pudding Anyone?

Steve and I recently celebrated our 9th anniversary. We live in a small town(pop. 931 as of the last census). For being a small town, we have several restraunts to choose from. We decided for our once year night out we would go to the Steak Co. It is great place to eat. The manager was walking around and stopped at our table. Steve told her it was our first time there. She asked if we were celebrating anything and he told her our anniversary. She came back a few minutes later with this.....

I am not a fan of bread pudding. I am, however, a fan of this bread pudding!! It was awesome and as you can see it didn't get completely eaten that night. We brought the leftovers home for a midnight snack. We were already stuffed. It was just as good later as it was the first time around.