Monday, February 16, 2009


Caitlin is a royal pain in the butt sometimes. BUT......she is a wonderful big sister. The trio adore her. They look out the window in the afternoons and I always know when she is home. They start yelling "bus" and "Cayko" and run to the front door. I open the door and they run out and up the drive way to meet her. They try to take her lunch box, book bag and purse from her so they can carry the stuff in for her. It is really cute. Since we have nobody to watch them on the days I am at work, daddy stays up with them all day after working all night. When she comes home she sends him to bed so he can get some sleep before he goes back to work. She makes their dinner. She gets them ready for bed. She says their prayers with them and tucks them in. She kisses them good night. I really don't know how we would make it without her. She does all of this and the only thing she complains about is cleaning her room and doing the dishes.


Andrea said...

Oh, Denise, you are so blessed! She sounds so sweet and selfless- rare in a young person her age.

Annie said...

Oh, Denise, I can totally relate. Lexi and Caitlin both help us out tremendously-I, too, don't know where I'd be without Lex. She is completely my "extra set of hands" since Tom works so much. And when Katie was in the hospital, she watched the other 3 sooo much for us----I made sure she got a few "prizes" (cd's and stuff) for helping out so much! Yay for Caitlin----she will be such a great mom for it!

Jennifer said...

wow, she does all that. that is a huge job, and when mom and dad are the most tired.

she deserves a housekeeper to clean her room :)