Friday, February 27, 2009

ECI Eval.

We had our ECI evaluation on Wednesday. Everyone is speech delayed but not enough to qualify for services. However, in a surprising twist, Joshua qualified because of social skills. Our service coordinator is also his therapist. She said that he barely qualified. We decided there was no sense in waiting to see what happened a few months down the road, only to find out he is further behind. She will only be coming out once a month. She said it will be mainly to show us/tell us what we need to be doing with him daily. She doesn't expect that it will take him long to catch up to where he should be. If this goes anything like his physical therapy did, then I am sure she is right. He seems to be one child that once he is shown how or what to do he takes off with no problems. He just seems to need a little help every now and again.


Andrea said...

I'm glad you'll be able to continue with services, even if it's not with what you thought.