Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Saturday BBQ

Lucy and Tara

I think my little ladies man was at a loss for words.

Do you see the smile on that boys face?

Saturday we had a BBQ with some friends at our house. It was a great afternoon. Bobby and his wife, Joanie, came over with their little girl. Tara will be 3 next month. She is such a cutie pie. We also had OC and his boys over. Steve was OC and Bobby's first supervisor in the Air Force. OC got out and is a cop like Steve. Bobby was just promoted to Major. The BBQ was really in honor of his promotion. They are such wonderful people. The 4 littles hit it off really well. So well, that at one point, I was in the kitchen and everyone else was outside. Bobby ran in the house and asked me if Tara had come back in with me. I told him no. The search was on. A few minutes later I realized Markas was missing too. Uh oh. Houston, we might have a problem. They were found a couple of minutes later. They had walked around to the backyard and they were playing on the swing set. Do they not realize that they are WAY, WAY, WAY to young to be sneaking off like that? I mean really! OK, panic over and time out for 2 two year olds. It was a wonderful afternoon and went much later into the evening than I think any of us anticipated. I really hope we are able to do it again, and soon. I am not sure how much longer Bobby and his wife will be stationed at Randolph. I do know that he is pretty certain his next assignment will be the Pentagon.


Becca said...

Your children are adorable! Your posts are hilarious. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. And for your persistence on trying to leave a comment. I like to see people's feedback, especially when it come to my photography.

Dorinda said...

Girl, you are in trouble!! Those boys already have some female chasers :) Very cute.

Pentagon, huh? That's just down the road from me. Actually know people who were there on 9/11.

Angie said...

all that huggin' and kissin'... Too cute!
I am so glad everyone had such a great time. I hope you will have many more times together!