Monday, February 9, 2009

Tired Boy

This little chicken wouldn't go to sleep for nap time the other day. After his brother had been asleep for 2 hours and his sister a half hour I finally brought him out of his room. I let him know I wasn't happy with him. I made him lay down on the couch. He didn't protest. I knew he was exhausted. It didn't even take 2 minutes and he was out like a light. He even slept for a full hour, with his brother and sister running around a playing and kissing him on the cheek every now and then.


Dorinda said...

Oh, they're so cute when they're asleep. Don't we love them even more then?!!

MaryBeth said...

In all our missed naps past I don't think anyone ever fell asleep on the couch after the fact... you go Denise!! He looks so cute and peaceful sleeping there. I can just imagine the other two running around occasionally kissing him while he sleeps!