Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visiting Mom at Work

Yesterday my hubby brought the kids to the Fire Station so they could see me. The shift Captain is really awesome and went and found hats for everyone. The kids had a great time playing with them.(So did the big kids)

The trio had a great time playing on the floor. They are so silly!

My wonderful hubby being a dork!
My crazy partner. He is just as silly as the kids.


Angie said...

That looks like fun! I love the hats...

Great job Lucy! on the signing.

Andrea said...

I just ordered the kids some fireman raincoats and boots yesterday! We're going to have to put them on and come see you, too! I figure they'll make a good photo-op or maybe Halloween costumes, since you know it never actually rains in Texas!

Dorinda said...

So cute - looks like fun :)

I think a post has been lost in translation - are you going on a job interview? Testifying? Of course I want to hear about it!!