Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potty Dance

Tonight as we were getting ready to take a bath, Markas went over to the potty and wanted up on it. So, I picked him up and let him sit there. He sat there for a few minutes and then I heard it. I heard the sound of the teetee hitting the water! Of course, Lucy wanted to sit up there too. So, I was a good mommy and sat her up there. It wasn't long before I heard that sound again!!! I can't believe it. They both teeteed in the potty!

During bath Markas kept wanting out to go to the potty. I figured he just wanted to do it because of the excitement a few minutes earlier. He managed to climb out of the tub before I could stop him. So, I helped him up onto the potty again. He almost immediately started going teetee again! Wow!

So, here's to hoping this is the start of something wonderful that will mean a big pay raise for us!


Annie said...

Yay=that is GREAT news!!!! For them AND for your POCKETS!!! :)

I am fortunate that my Mom/Dad buy our diapers---so I am in NO rush to potty train.........maybe they should stop paying and then I will attempt it?! LOL