Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I am not sure who I am apologizing to. I am not real sure anyone even looks at my blog but I had to delete the most recent post. It was supposed to be a video of Markas, like the one of Lucy. Instead, it was titled Markas but was of Lucy. I will try to post the correct video later today but it will probably be tommorrow.


Misty said...

I still look at your blog and you do not have to apologize! Hugs, Mist

MaryBeth said...

Sorry I'm a terrible commenter... I do still read your blog. For some reason though, I don't get any videos anymore. I think it is probably a setting on my computer that I don't know how to change. It'll have to wait until hubbie comes home in July!?!

Anyway, still reading here.

Dorinda said...

Sorry about the video but I had to comment on your TV watchers :) Alyssa is my only one who is glued no matter what's on. The other two wander away unless it's Dora - Julianna likes Diego too but Rachel, not so much.

I think Lucy and Alyssa are twins! Well, they are b-day twins.

And you know I still read your blog.

The Texas Trio said...

I read every post to keep up with you and your adorable family. How ever do you have the time to put video's together? They were beautiful!