Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Kids?

The other night Caitlin was helping with a thing at the primary school. I know there is a name for it but I can't remember what it is. Basically, they dress up like characters from a book and act out the story. Caitlin was a mouse. They had a presentation in the cafeteria and then some in the classrooms. They had a school bus waiting out in front of the school. The whole idea is to help get kids ready that will be starting school next fall. Of course anyone is welcome. Steve took the kids up to see it. They had a great time and Lucy just climbed onto the bus with no problem. She even took a seat in the back of the bus. The boys wanted nothing to do with it, thus no pictures of Lucy on the bus. Someone had to stay with the boys and since I was at work, well, it was just daddy. They did finally coax Lucy off the bus but I guess it took a little while. All in all they had a good time. They met one of the kindergarten teachers. She told us that there is a set of triplet girls that will be starting school the same time our trio does. We new there was another set of triplets out here but we thought they were a little older. I know they don't live far from us and I really wish we could meet them.