Friday, April 3, 2009

Personalities...........Each Their Own

This little man is making his wants, desires and preferences known these days. He must always have shoes on or it is a major meltdown. Even with his jammies. He must also pick his clothes most days. More than that, he must go straight from jammies to day time clothes as soon as he gets up. No hanging out in the jammies for a while. Not happening. The other day I was getting their clothes out. He was standing next to me as I pulled out the boys shirts. He looked at me and said,"mommy, not that shirt". OK, what shirt then. He made me pick him up and he proceeded to pick out the shirts the boys were going to wear.
Last night at dinner he was actually eating. Thanks to MB we have a new family favorite that was absolutely wonderful. Markas patted me on the arm and said, "mommy good". Holy cow!! Not only was he eating but he liked it enough to tell me so!

This little lady is just as bad as her brother. She is such a sweet girl unless she doesn't get her way. Then she throws a fit. She is quickly learning that just earns her a trip to her room until she stops. The same day that Markas and I had our conversation about the shirts, Lucy instructed me as to what dress she was going to wear. I put it on her and she went and stood next to daddy who was dressing Joshua. Joshua said, "sissy cute". It was really cute. Lucy recipocated with "bubba cute".

This little man talks but he is by far the quietest. I think he is just taking it all in. Don't get me wrong, if he wants to be heard, he will be. He is such a sweet boy, most of the time. He loves to rock with mommy. He should be having surgery soon to remove his adenoids so hopefully he will start sleeping through the night after that. I love cuddling with him but really, I would like my bed back. He gets up every night and ends up in my bed. He is affectionately known as "bubba, Shosh(Lucy), or shua(Markas)". He still loves animals and is the happiest when he is around them. I wish everyone could see the pure joy on his face when he is near an animal. It really is precious.


MaryBeth said...

yeah! i'm so glad you guys liked it... and i love that it's pretty simple to make too.

adorable kiddos... adorable pictures!

Andrea said...

Sweet! It's fun watching each of their little personalities blossom. I need to write something like this about my trio.