Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Think..........

that there are surely angels among us. Daddy has been gone 2 days now, well 3 really. He left early morning on the 7th. He won't be back until the 12th. Not that long really but it is beginning to seem like forever. We have had some very close calls since he has been gone. Thursday afternoon I had gone to the bathroom. When I came out Lucy and Joshua were gone. I thought they were hiding but happened to glance out the front window. I saw them strolling calmly down the street. I ran out and asked them what they thought they were doing. Lucy replied, "we go walk mommy". I turned them around and marched them back to the house. No sooner did we get in the driveway than one of my idiot neighbors came sliding around the corner in his jacked up F-150. Seriously, he was going so fast he slid around the corner.
Yesterday I got a phone call from my hysterical 17 year old. All I could understand was something about Joshua. I called a friend of mine and asked him to get to my house ASAP. I called Caitlin back and got her to calm down a little bit. I found out that she was afraid there was something wrong with Joshua's leg. She then started to get hysterical again as she told me that she had gone to the bathroom and then heard a loud crash. She ran out and saw Joshua crawling out from underneath the grandfather clock that he had somehow managed to pull over on top of him. My friends got to the house and checked him over. They calmed the trio down. Calmed Caitlin down and lastly calmed mom down. Other than a few scratches on his face and a horrible bruise on his left leg, around the knee, on both sides, he is fine. The bruise doesn't even seem to bother him in the least, unless you touch it. Yep, mom and dad are stupid. They never really touched the clock and when we moved we just didn't think about it. Apparently, he pulled the door open on the front and was maybe trying to climb into it? Not sure really but we do know the door was open. Amazingly, not that I give a ratatouille about it, but the clock is fine too. The door is cracked a little by the top hinge and the bottom hinge. Easily fixed with some wood putty and new hinges. Again, not that I give a ratatouille about the clock. It is also no longer in the living room. In fact, now, the kids can't get anywhere near it.

In other news, Caitlin is still sick. She doesn't seem to be getting any worse but she certainly isn't getting any better. It has been a week now. The motrin the doctor gave us keeps her fevers down but not gone. Down is 99-100 degrees. Without the motrin it is 103-104. Hopefully she will just suddenly start getting better.


Andrea said...

I am so sorry, Denise! That gave me gray hair just reading it! I hope the time flies until Steve gets home.