Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Final Beach Pics

Here are the final beach pics. I must apologize to all my fellow bloggy friends. I have been horrible at following everyone's blogs and even worse about commenting to let you all know I have been there. I feel like I have been super crazy busy but the thing is, I can't figure out what I have been super crazy busy doing.
Some recent Lucy phrases:
"I come mommy"
"I right back"
After peeing on me:"Mommy need diaper"
"my mommy", "my daddy"
"Boys, nap!"
Some recent Markas pharases:
"Shua bad! Shua bite!"(we actually hear this way too often)
"Mommy hep. No daddy hep"
"My mommy"
Some recent Joshua phrases:
"Big water!"(as heard at the beach)
"mommy me cook"(while I am trying to make dinner)
"I done mommy/daddy"(as heard when getting tickled, nose suctioned, or just anything he doesn't really like)
They actually are talking to each other a lot more but they still have their own language and we have yet to break the code. Lucy is by far the best talker and she does it almost constantly. It is not unusual to hear her singing to herself, talking to her babies or even dancing. She loves to sing and dance. Caitlin and I are working on teaching her the Cha-Cha Slide.


Andrea said...

We are hearing a lot of the same, especially the "My mommy, my daddy" stuff! Ugh.