Friday, June 19, 2009

More Beach Pics

This kid doesn't like the water too much. He also refused to get down in the sand. He played in it but wouldn't sit in it and as soon as we were able to clean his feet off he was HAPPY!

My center-fold model in training! She loves the water.

They had fun and there are still more pictures to come.
They are really starting to talk a lot. Lucy has taken to calling me honey instead of mommy or mama. Markas called his daddy a geek the other night when he was mad at him. Daddy will call them little geeks when he gets upset with them about something.
I was changing Joshua the other day and he tooted. I said, "did you toot?" He giggled and told me "no, I fart".
I think I need to have a talk with their father.


MaryBeth said...

love these beach pictures... makes me excited for our upcoming adventures! looks like your crew had a great time!!

Angie said...

Great pics! The beach makes me miss Corpus... It looks like everyone had a great time. That is funny about one of the boys not wanting to sit in the sand :)

I am not proud of this, but my kids say "fart" too. In fact, one of them said it in church :p