Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet Berry Farms.

A ton of pictures because I couldn't ever get the slide show to load. Sorry. We had a great time last week at Sweet Berry Farms. We picked, itty bitty, but good strawberries and nice fat blackberries. The trio had a great time. We showed Joshua which berries he needed to be looking for and those were the only ones he picked. Markas and Lucy didn't care. They just pulled berries off the bushes. Although, towards the end they started getting the hang of it. We had a nice picnic next to the river afterwards. Then we took a driving tour of my BFF's old hood in Austin. We decided we needed to stop and stretch our legs so we took them to the "zoo", also known as Cabela's. They loved all the animals and the fish, especially the BIG fish in the aquarium.
Coming from our trip to the beach this weekend.


jennifer said...

great photos!

how was the blackberry picking? we want to go again soon, but i was a little concerned that the blackberries would be harder for my little ones to pick because of the thorns.

of course there is plenty of other things to do, just running around, feeding the goats and eating homemade ice cream. we have already gone through our big jar of preserves we picked up so we need to go back soon.

Andrea said...

I love Sweetberry Farms! I've never been in the spring, though, just in the fall for pumpkins. Looks like fun berry pickin'!

Candace Hickey said...

Love the pics! There is a place like this just east of Dallas...I want to go! :)