Monday, July 20, 2009

I had some errands to run today and planned on taking one of the kids with me. As it got close to the time I was going to be leaving it was decided that Markas would go with me. Caitlin was going too. Just before we left Joshua announced that he wanted to go bye bye. So, we took him with us as well, leaving Lucy at home with daddy.
15 minutes into our trip Joshua asks where sissy is. We explained to him that Lucy stayed home with daddy. Joshua said "Oh OK, I wan go home now". I called daddy to tell him this cute little story and about 10 minutes later he calls me back. He tells me that Lucy walked up and asked him where her bubbas were. He explained to her that they had gone bye bye with mommy but would be back soon. She said "oh ok, I wan see Shosh daddy". I guess great minds think alike.

We also found today that Joshua will have his surgery on the 3rd of Aug. but I don't know yet what time. I have to take him this Thursday for all of the pre-op stuff and we will find out then what time. Even though I know it is routine I am now starting to get a little nervous. I suppose that is normal though. None of my kids have ever had surgery so this is all new to me.


Dorinda said...

I'll be praying for Joshua - any surgery on your child is scary!

My girls wonder where the others are all the time and Julianna will say "I go too" if I put my shoes on or just throw the van in park. Begins to drive us nuts! I can't go anywhere without her :)

Candace Hickey said...

Cute 3 are starting to notice when 1 is missing too

I, too, will pray for Joshua...let us know how it goes. :)