Thursday, July 23, 2009

I took Joshua this morning to get all the pre-op stuff done. It ended up being an all day event. His appt. with the ENT was at 9 this morning. We finally got home at 345 this afternoon. It was a very long day. After talking to the ENT it sounds like they are going to be taking his tonsils too, only they will only take most of the tonsil on each side. He said that the pain isn't as bad, the recovery is quicker and not as likely to have post-op bleeding. There is a chance they could grow back and in 6-8 years he would have to have them removed again but it is a slight chance. After we finished with the ENT we went and got him pre-registered. We had an appt. with the anesthesiologist at 230. We were done with everything else by 1115. So, we left and went to McDonald's for lunch. I never buy the Happy Meals because they are too expensive. I usually just buy a 10 piece nugget, a large order of fries, and I get the dollar cheeseburger for me. Since it was just the two of us we splurged. I let him get the Happy Meal. He ate just about every bit of it and drank his milk like a big boy without a straw or anything. It was really cool hanging out with just him all day long. I got to see a part of his personality that I don't usually get to see because it gets lost or trampled on by the other two. I am sure there is things about all 3 of them that I don't usually get to see. He was a really good boy the entire day. We played for awhile on the play scape but it was just too hot again to play for any length of time. We went back to the hospital and wandered the halls. He fought sleep and I knew he was exhausted. He finally fell asleep about a quarter to 2. He slept through the anesthesiology appt. He roused a little when I moved him from the stroller to the car but went right back to sleep.
Funny thing is I realized this morning how much they really remember. As I got to the base this morning and went through the gate he started crying, saying "no docor mommy, wanna go home". He said it over and over again until I was finally able to calm him down. I don't know where his fear of the doctor has come from. It started 6-8 months ago out of the blue. I don't recall any traumatizing events with the doctor.
Anyway, with any luck after this surgery he will be able to breath through his nose for the first time in just about his entire life, sleep through the night, and not snore!


BoufMom9 said...

Oh, I love those moments when you get to just spend time with just one child. (it doesn't happen often, but when it does, you just appreciate every second, don't you?)
Poor little buddy :(

Dorinda said...

Keep us posted and I'll be praying that he does well with the surgery! Glad you enjoyed your day just with him - feels weird doesn't it when you're out with just one?