Wednesday, September 2, 2009

South Padre Island

We took a mini vacation to South Padre Island. None of us had ever been there and we wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. Well, now we know. It is a 6 hour drive as opposed to a 2 hour drive but soooooo worth it! The beaches are clean and sea weed free. The water is actually clear and not murky and it really looks blue! When it gets dark there are no oil platforms to be seen in the distance. It is just beautiful. Hubs says it reminds him of Hawaii only no mountains on one side of the island. Things are a bit more expensive than they are in the Port Aransas area but again, worth it. It really is an easy drive even if it is a long one. We drove down on Friday and hit the beach for a while after checking into the condo. Saturday morning we ventured into Port Isabel with the plan of going to the top of the light house. We went to the Dolphin Research and Sea Life Nature Center. It was a little disappointing as it appears bigger on line but it was cheap, just a 3 dollar donation per person. That price beats the aquarium in Corpus any day. Caitlin said she wasn't feeling well and went out to sit on a bench. We came out and she just didn't look good. We decided to just go back to the condo rather than wait for the light house to open. On the way back to the car she started throwing up. She spent the entire rest of the day in bed. Poor kid. It wasn't much of a vacation for her. We drove around the island for awhile just getting to know the area and, mainly, so the kids would nap. After they woke up we went back, fed them lunch and then hit the beach. We had a great time. We also ended up dropping our stuff right next to a detective from BCSO. We didn't know it until she came out of the water though. I thought it was hilarious. I mean really, what are the odds that we would be on the exact same stretch of beach as another officer that the hubs knows over 300 miles from home? It was also the first time she had ever been to SPI.
After the beach we hit the pool. Some of us literally hit the pool, or at least the side. Not once but 3 times. Poor Markas was having rough time of it. He was trying to climb out, using the stairs, and slipped and bumped his lip. He got over that and was back in the water with me holding him and him holding onto the side. He bumped his head, twice, in two different spots. Shortly there after I decided maybe we should just go back to the condo so I could start dinner. Markas is a strange child. He freaked out getting on the elevator because there was water on the floor. He doesn't like to have sand on him. He doesn't really like to get in the water at the beach.
Lucy is completely fearless. She would run headlong into the surf and not think twice about it. Joshua isn't much different. Several times I had to chase them down the beach because they were chasing birds and not once ever looked back to see where mom or dad were. I think I will have 2 little fishies on my hands. They love going to the "big water" and even going to the "baby water". Markas does too, until we are actually there.
We all went out that night for ice cream and then headed back home Sunday morning. They were really good on the car ride down and back. Schedules got a little screwy since they didn't go to bed until well after 9 the two nights we were there but we are finally getting back into the swing of things at home. Funny how just a couple of days of a screwy schedule can take twice as long to get back to the usual schedule.

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