Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Much to Blog About, So Little Time

First, see this really cute couple? This is my oldest son, Matthew, and his fiancee, Jessica. Well, apparently they decided that there weren't enough little ones around. Some time next March/April they are making me a grandma. It's a good thing I still have ALL my baby stuff. They also just moved back from Arizona so they are living with us until they get on their feet. They are both working and trying to save money for all the deposits on their own place. It has been nice having them here. I have missed having my baby boy so close. The nicest thing has been some of the changes I have seen in him. I think he might actually be growing up. Lord I hope so since he is gonna be a daddy.

This spunky, sassy, full of attitude teenager is a senior in high school. Since she spent so much time goofing off and got behind she is trying to play catch up. There is a possibility she will be a senior again next year but she is really trying. Even if she does pull it off she won't be walking the stage because she will have 1 credit to get during summer school. She told me the other day that while she would like to walk the stage that isn't what is important. Maybe there is hope after all. :)

These three, well, they are almost 3.
Lucy is actually 2 going on 16. This girl can have attitude! She gets mad, she storms off to her room, slams and locks the door. I tell her it is time to do something and her come back is "2 more minutes mom" or "5 more minutes mom" and occasionally, "10 more minutes mom". Where does she get this stuff?!? She can also be the sweetest and most loving little girl in the world. If one of the boys is crying she is always very concerned about why and she will try to kiss their booboos for them or get them their blankie or whatever she thinks will make them feel better. She loves to give to kisses and hugs and is a great cuddler. She loves her big sister, her big brother and her soon to be sister in law. Of course, she has something special with her brothers that none of us can get close to. She is talking up a storm and repeating just about everything.

Joshua has had quite a language explosion since his surgery. He is still a daddy's boy. He is also still all boy. Loves anything that a typical boy loves, bugs, animals, being adventurous, etc. He is still waking up every single night. Now I am sure it is out of habit alone but I can't seem to break it. The nice thing is that when he gets up instead of wanting daddy he wants mommy. That is the only time he is really interested in me. He is occasionally willing to give hugs and kisses to his brother and sister. We have an appointment tomorrow for a follow up after is surgery.

Markas is still very much a mommy's boy. He is so sweet and can be a little too sensitive at times. He loves his brother and sister to death and usually plays very well with them. Up to the point that they start antagonizing him, then the fight is on with lots of crying and whining on every one's part, mom included. He is usually a pretty good boy but every now and again he decides to push the limits. He is my cuddle bug and freely gives hugs and kisses to everyone. He can have a mean streak and poor Caitlin seems to get the brunt of that. He will tell her to go away, refuse to give her kisses, and that kind of thing. I think he just likes to pick on her. It never lasts long before he is showering her with kisses and hugs.

I still have a million pictures to post from our trip and just other random pictures. I will get that done eventually.