Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well, almost. Just after the trio came home from the hospital my hubby was at Wallyworld and found some material that he just had to have. It was fleece and he had a yard or so of it cut and gave one to each of the trio for Christmas. Joshua has Dallas Cowboys, Lucy has Winnie the Pooh, and Markas has Superman. Cowboys because that is daddy's favorite football team. Pooh because all the years that we thought we would never have a baby we said we would do Pooh if we did. Superman for Markas because he was our little Superman the day they were born. He was doing so well. He never had to be intubated. He moved to the step-down NICU first, etc.
Well, 3 days ago we lost the superman blankie! OH MY GOSH!!! The first night I managed to fake it and get to sleep. The 2nd day, well, it was melt-down city all day long. I finally ran out that night in search of more superman material. Guess what? NO ONE........I mean NO ONE, carries it. So, I bought three yards of Wow Wow Wubbzy. I couldn't just buy it for Markas, the other two would have had a fit. It worked, for that night. He was still searching the house high and low the next day looking for his blankie. He asked for it at nap time and bed time but Wubbzy was still doing the trick.

Well......................we have 3 potty chairs that we don't use but they are out. I was moving them tonight and the lid came up on one of them. Guess what? I found the blankie!! Markas was so thrilled and so was I! Yes, the potty chair was clean.