Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 09

See, this is further proof of how far behind I am. Geez, I am terrible. If you know me at all, you know that I have a BAD habit of waiting until the last minute to do things. I admit it. I PROCRASTINATE!!! In a terrble way. That being said, not much thought goes into the costume thing.

We usually go to the church and participate in the annual Fall Family Festival. This year we did something different. We went trick-or-treating for the very first time. The kids did well up until the scary house. At that point they were done and wanted to go home. There is one house that always goes all out in decor for holidays. They had a thing that looked like a person sitting in a chair on their front porch. It rocked back and forth and occassionally the head would raise and the eyes would light up red. Lucy completely wigged out and ran back to the van. Oh yeah, we discoverd we are in different world out here in the country. Most people load trailers up with hay and take kids around being pulled by tractors. There is just too much space between houses to walk it. Well, you could but chances are good that you would only hit 2 or 3 houses before you were too tired to walk anymore.
Ok, back to the story. We came home, got baths, and then off to bed. By midnight Lucy was up crying and talking about the scary red eyes. Poor baby. We took her to bed with us. One of the curtains was open and she kept pointing outside and saying "red eyes". She finally went to back to sleep about 2 and only after closing the curtains. She still talks about the red eyes on occassion. Like tonight, we were watching the Wizard of Oz and the first scene where the WWofW appears she immediately started talking about the red eyes. Poor kid. I hope she is over it by next halloween. Oh, and they didn't get any candy from that house. JERKS!!!!