Friday, December 18, 2009

I am Tired of Hospitals!!!!

I am tired of being in hospitals. Since last Sunday morning I have been to the hospital:

Sunday- with Markas because he threw up 26 times in 4 hours and was dehydrated and keeping nothing down. Zofran fixed him right and we were able to rehydrate him and come home.

Monday- Caitlin's OB appt at BAMC. Lucy pre-admission at WHMC. Markas to Randolph for ER follow up with PCM. Back to WHMC with Lucy for pre-anesthesia appointment.

Tuesday- Lucy's surgery at WHMC

Wednesday- Markas to WHMC for ENT appointment and get scoped. Found out he had long term damage from untreated/undiagnosed reflux. Guess they should have left him on his meds when he came home from the NICU.

Thursday- was a free day!!!!

Friday- yep, that would be today. Had to take Lucy to the ER. She started coughing yesterday. Called her PCM today about it. She hadn't had any fevers. They couldn't see her but said if she started running a fever, no matter what it was, she was to go the ER being post-op and all. Guess what?!?!? She woke up from her nap with fever of 101. Thankfully this trip to the ER was the fastest I have ever had. We were in and out in an hour with antibiotics for..........................right upper lobe pneumonia. Back to her PCM on Monday for follow up.

Saturday and Sunday- I will be working so I will be in and out of a ton of hospitals all weekend!

I am tired!!!!! I want some sleep. Just once. A solid 8 hours. Uninterrupted. That's all I want for Christmas. Really it is.

Oh, and you can do the math on the number of times I have been to the hospital because I am way to tired to count!


Dorinda said...

I'm so sorry for all the sickness! I hope everyone gets better soon and you can stay out of the hospital for a while :)

Candace Hickey said...

Oh no! I am so sorry you all have had all that sickness! I am sending good thoughts your way...I hope everyone is feeling better soon!