Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lucy's Surgery

Lucy's surgery went well. We had a show time of 0815. We got there and had to wait a little while but she did surprisingly well for having had nothing to eat or drink since the night before. We sat in pre-op and played with masks they gave us and she wore her "hat" for a little while before she was tired of it. They let me walk her to the doors and then the anesthesiologist took her from me. She of course cried but he told me afterwards that about half way down the hall she was fine. He said she got a little anxious once they were in the OR but put the mask on and tried to "blow up balloons". She was out in no time. They started her IV, gave her meds and intubated her. The surgery only took about an hour. The surgeon told us after that the defect in the abdominal wall was smaller than anticipated. She attempted to reduce the hernia after she was asleep and couldn't. So, it is a good thing we had it fixed before it became an emergency. She woke up crying that her tummy hurt. They gave her Tylenol #3 and that did the trick. When we finally made it over to the same day surgery rooms she slept most of the time. She did eat some jello and drink some juice when we first got over there. We spent the majority of the time over there waiting for her to tinkle. She was so sleepy that we were having a hard time re hydrating her enough to go tinkle. She finally did about 5pm. It was a big celebration for dad and I. While I signed all discharge papers dad went to bring the car up front. We got ready to leave and Lucy said she wanted to walk. She was walking very slowly and very gingerly. The nurse wanted to get her a wheelchair but she would have none of that. She said she wanted to walk. We walked all the way to the elevator and then all the way out the front of the hospital to the pick up area. I was very proud of her. It was a little tricky getting her in and out of her car seat but she handled it well. She even walked into the house when we got home. She did ask for help getting up onto the couch and she hasn't moved since laying down there but I think she is going to bounce back just fine. I plan to give her her pain meds around the clock for the next day or so and then start backing off on them. I don't want her pain to get out of control and me not be able to get back on top of it. I know what that is like, as I did it to myself after they were born.

In other news, about a month ago I discovered an ulcer on one of daddy's toes. He is diabetic and it has caused severe hammer toe in one foot. It looked so bad I made him go to the ER. Luckily the infection wasn't in the bone, yet. They put him on an antibiotic and sent him to the wound care clinic. He finally got in to see his podiatrist yesterday. The wound still isn't completely healed. He is giving him 2 more weeks with a stronger antibiotic and if it isn't better he is going to amputate. I actually took the news a little better than I thought I would. Of course, he will be just fine with one less toe. At least it isn't his foot or leg or something equally as life altering. One less toe just means he can't count to 20 any more.


Dorinda said...

I am SOOO behind and just now catching up! Wow, I've missed a lot. I'm glad Lucy's surgery went well and I hope she feels better soon.

Your kids must actually eat! Mine just don't like food. What the heck do I do?!!