Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year!

Now that we are half way through the first month..........Happy New Year!! I have so much to update and just haven't had time. I have a ton of pictures that I want to put on here. I noticed that the last real post I did was their bday and I didn't even include all of the pictures. I have finally downloaded most of the pictures so I guess I will start writing some real posts. I will probably back date them so if there is anyone still reading this poor, sad, neglected blog, make sure you look for the new posts. :)

I can say that everyone is doing fine. Markas has finally started speech therapy twice a week. Lucy is doing fine and likes to show off her new belly button. She is healing nicely from the surgery and her bout with pneumonia. Josh is doing fairly well, although he has been running a fever for a couple of days and I don't know why.
Caitlin is having a boy. His name is Devin Alexander. He wasn't very co-operative the day of the ultrasound but he did co-operate long enough for us to clearly see that he is, in fact, a he. She goes back later this week for another ultrasound so hopefully he will be more co-operative. He just stayed curled up in a little ball last time except for the brief period that he stretched out so we could see the little boy parts. We know that he has 4 chambers to his heart, 2 kidneys, 10 fingers and toes but that is about it. They weren't able to measure the blood flow or any of the other stuff they measure. It was so bad we didn't even get a picture the last time around.
Daddy is having surgery on Wednesday. He is having a toe amputated. Before Thanksgiving I discovered a pressure ulcer on one of his toes. It was bad enough that I made him go to the ER. Thanfully the infection wasn't in the bone but here we are more than 2 months later and it still isn't healed. So, they are just going to remove it. I am thankful that it isn't any worse because I know it could be.

I am looking for full time employment. I am really hoping that I can get on with a municipality so that I have a real retirement. There are a couple of cities hiring. One is right down the street from where we used to live and the other is about 60 miles from where we are now. Since I would be back on a 24/48 schedule the drive wouldn't be too bad. On that schedule I would only work 9 or 10 days a month. I have enjoyed my time at home with my kids and I wish it could continue but it just can't. We used to be debt free but I can no longer say that. Luckily the hole we are in isn't so bad that I won't be able to get us out of it. Of course, I can't do that until I have full time employment again.