Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Carpenters

We had several empty pallets from the grass we had delivered last year. Daddy decided that the kids needed to have a club house. So, the 4 of them set out to build it out of these pallets that were just lying around. They had a great time and I think the boys would pay close attention to grandpa if they were given the chance. Unlike their dad and uncles. :)
A couple of days ago dad was replacing the weather stripping at the bottom of the back door. He was replacing it with this molded plastic piece that slides on and then has to be screwed in place. He had the trio helping him. Unfortunately, I didn't think to get pictures. Markas drilled him in the shoulder. Joshua was standing over him with the hammer in his hand like he was ready to strike at any moment and Lucy kept losing all the screws she had been placed in charge of. It was quite a site.


Candace Hickey said...

WOW...send them our way...we will have some projects for them!
They are getting so big :)

Hope you all are well! :)