Sunday, May 2, 2010

Almost ready for another one

Mommy had a baby shower for Caico and her baby. There were a lot of people that came over. I think we heard mommy say there were about 40 people. There were other littles for us to play with and there were a couple of guys for daddy to talk to. Caico got a lot of stuff for her baby. We sure can't wait to meet him!!!

Mommy worked really hard to make it nice for Caico. Daddy took us and we all spent the night with our big sister Jessica at her house. Daddy said mommy didn't need to be bothered with us because she had so much to do. We heard she spent most of the night up cooking and cleaning and making the cake. We don't think making the cake took that long but it was probably decorating it that did. Mommy likes to make and decorate cakes for special occassions but it takes forever!


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