Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trip To Kansas

This last weekend I took all 5 kids, plus 1, and both grandsons to Kansas. My dad lives in Wichita and I hadn't seen him in 11 years. Therefore, he had never met his youngest grandkids and of course he hadn't yet met his 2 great-grandsons. It was a very long drive but I think all the kids did well. The little ones anyway. Our trip was much to short but none the less I am glad we made it. I got off work Friday morning and we headed out. We didn't get started when I would have liked so by the time we reached Oklahoma City it was 1030 at night and I was done! We spent the night just outside of OKC. From there it was a short 2 hour drive to my dads. We stayed at a Comfort Suites. I love Comfort Suites. The rooms are spacious and there is a fridge and microwave in the room. The free breakfast in the mornings makes the stay that much better. We all stayed with my dad and my step-mom. Saturday evening, Matthew, Jessica, Jayden and I went to the commissary on base to pick up a couple of things. When we got out we discovered that Matthew had locked the keys in the car. We had taken his car and mine because he was going to get gas while on base and the boys were with me, so there wasn't enough room in his car for all of us. Jessi called her insurance company and they sent someone out to pop the lock. Only, the first guy that was sent wasn't real bright. He was of middle eastern decent, on Sept. 11, and he blew the gate! Not smart. The SP's were gonna let it slide and allow him to continue on except, his vehicle had no registration. So, she called the insurance company back and they sent someone else out. So, we spent 2 hours in the parking lot with 3 small kids. Oh, and the diaper bag was locked in their car. And. Jayden was starving. It was fun. Really.

We got a late start out on Sunday but it was worth it. We didn't leave until 1230. I do wish we could have stayed longer. We got home about 1230am. 12 hours on the road. We did stop at the first rest stop in TX and I got some cute pictures of the kids. They ran off a little steam and we hit the road again.