Friday, December 10, 2010

4 year old check ups

Boy are we getting big! Some a little too big.

Lucy- 44inches and 57lbs. Got a referral to the ENT. We have been following her weight for some time and don't know why she is gaining like she is. She seems to have plateaued for the moment. She has been 57lbs for about 6 months. Still a beautiful little girl and just as sweet as can be. She loves her brothers dearly and she loves her nephews as well. Her favorite color is still pink. She loves anything princess. She is bossy, sassy, and loving.

Joshua- 43inches and 48lbs. He will be starting OT due to delayed fine motor skills. He is a chunk but not quite like his sister. He is as cute as ever. Still very much a daddy boy. Favorite color is still green. He loves anything Toy Story, mainly Buzz, Spiderman, Superman, Transformers. He is sweet, loving, and can be down right mean at times.

Markas- 41.5inches and 38lbs. Still recieving ST. Was evaluated for OT and was delayed but not really enough to recieve services. We can work on stuff at home and I am sure he will be fine. Still a handsome mama's boy. Sweet, loving, and extremely mischevious. He is the brains behind all wrong doing in the house. Favorite color is still blue. He loves all things Toy Story, mainly Woody, Superman, Spiderman, etc. I think we are big trouble come the teenage years if the evil little ways don't stop.


Dorinda said...

For some reason your last 2 posts just showed up. Anyway, how are the kids now? How is Lucy?

Happy 4th Birthday (and 2 months) to our trios. Why does it feel like 5 is just around the corner?