Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another update

We just got home from another trip to the ENT, this time for Josh. He has had a recurrent ear infection since the last post. The ENT wants to try and get his allergies under better control and see if that helps. Josh has an appt. on the 23rd to have his hearing tested and we will see the ENT again next month to see how he is doing. He also said it is possible that his adenoids have grown back. I guess we will see.

I have an appt. next Tuesday for Lucy's sleep study. I guess it is the initial, this is what we do, what you need to know, how to need to prepare, kind of appt.

Other than all this, everyone has nasty coughs. Devin has RSV and Jayden is, so far, doing well. One of these days I will get some pictures and put them on here.

Life has been crazy between all the doctor appointments, therapy appointments, my work schedule and my school schedule. I am determined to find a time to just really enjoy doing nothing with the kids on a picnic in the woods and have fun with my camera.

I spent a week in Lafayette, Louisiana a couple weeks ago. My company is based there and I went for a week long class. I was also just asked to be a preceptor. They are making it difficult for me to go part time. I guess the good Lord is hitting me upside the head and trying to tell me something. So, we will just keep on keepin' on and maybe one day soon we can afford for the 5 of us to vacation in Hawaii. Or maybe we will have the money to take the whole family on an Alaskan cruise. Or, maybe, we will just take the kids to Disney World next year.


Dorinda said...

Don't you think it's harder to blog now that the kids are older? I don't know why - seems like it should be like that when they're younger :)

Hope everyone gets to feeling better. Please post pics and updates when you can! I enjoy reading them.