Saturday, June 25, 2011

Not What We Had Planned.........

My father in law woke up yesterday morning sick. Our van had been making a funny noise so Thursday he had called the Chrysler dealer in a near by town to make a service appt. for us. He and hubs took the van over yesterday morning and got it taken care of. No biggie and didn't cost us much. He continued to complain all day that he didn't feel well and spent much of the day in and out of bed. Sometime around 4 or 5 this morning he was up throwing up again.......a lot. My mother in law said that's it and took him to the ER. The hospital is in another town but only about 20 min. from where they live. Well, my poor dear father in law ended up in emergency surgery around 1pm this after noon. He had a small bowel obstruction. My mother in law called a little while ago and said they were able to repair iin laproscopically and all went well. He may even get to come home tomorrow. Unfortunately, this means they won't be able to join us on the Island on Monday. Oh, and tomorrow there is a big party planned here at the house. They are both insisting that it go on, with or without him. My mother had surgery yesterday but she is home and doing well. At least my sister in law is there to keep an eye on her.

Hubs and I took the trio to the city park this morning so they could run and play and blow off some energy. We have been pretty couped up since we got here because of all the rain. Today is a beautiful sun shiney day. They had soooo much fun. I sure do envy the weather they have up here.

So.............just a couple of pics from the last 2 days. There are more pics and a little bit better ones but I can't get them off the camera they are on until we get home.