Monday, June 6, 2011

OH My Wow! I did it again...........

So much has happened.

Lucy had her surgery and things went well. The doctor said that her adenoids were 100% blocking her nasal passages. So, hopefully she will sleep better now. She was pretty whiny the first few days but day 7 she seemed to just all of a sudden get better. She is only needing tylenol twice a day now and is eating more.

Jayden had his 1st birthday and so did Devin. I made both of their cakes. Jayden got a monster and Devin got a monkey. Their cakes had to match thier themes. Jayden was a lot more into the cake than Devin was but they both managed to make a mess.

Things have been crazy busy and for some reason it is so much harder to blog now that the kids are older. I am really hoping that I can start finding(err..making) the time to blog on a more regular basis. So much is happening and we seem to be on the run constantly.

More pictures to come soon. I hope........