Thursday, June 30, 2011

Triple Trouble x3

We had planned on driving up through the UP and down through WI to come home. A couple days before we left my long time fellow blogger, triplet mom, and Facebook friend asked if we could possibly meet up so we can finally meet face to face. We had talked on the phone several times. Of course, I was all kinds of excited about it. We made the plans, hubby and I changed our plans and a few days later headed to Southern Indiana. I am SOOOOOO glad that we did. We had a blast and fellow triplet mom and Facebook friend joined us. Now, I can truly say they are my friends. Not just people that I interact with in cyberspace, seeing pictures, etc. I love them both dearly and really wish we lived closer. I could get used to spending lots of time with them. The meeting with them was good for soul. Other my family and online friends, I have spent the last 5 years alone in the world of parenting multiples. I don't know have the time to go to the "local" support group, not to mention it meets 60 miles from our home. We did have the pleasure one time to go to the zoo with another triplet family but they moved away shortly after. So, meeting the wonderful ladies in person was wonderful.

We spent the day at Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. I have been to several amusement parks in my life. It is by far, the best one I have ever been too. And, while I will probably plan a trip someday to Disney World, that will be just so the kids can say they have been. I would go back to Holiday World over Disney anyday. The park was so super clean. Even toward the end of the day. The water park was awesome and nice and safe for 4 adults with 9 children 6 and under. Just about all of the big rides are miniture sized for little people. So cool. Free drinks all day through out the park so you can stay hydrated and not go broke trying to do so. Sunscreen stations so you can reapply frequently and not get burnt. The most family friendly park I have been too. Girls are NOT allowed to walk around in their bathing suits, unless of course in the water park. If you are in the rest of the park you must be covered. And, the ticket prices are awesome compared to Disney, Six Flags, Sea World, or any of the others I have seen. The entire day cost the 5 of us less than 200 dollars. Seriously, you can't beat that and I cannot say enough good things about Holiday World.