Friday, June 24, 2011


We took a day trip vacation to the beach the weekend that Caitlin graduated. We had lots of fun playing on the beach for the day. The trio learned how to boogie board, the babies were completely fearless. They ran right into the water. They laughed when they were knocked down by the waves. I think we all had a blast. Pics will eventually be put up but in the mean time, the collage is a few of the pics that I took while we were down there.

Now, the hubs and I are on vacation with the trio. We drove 1500 miles, well 1534 to be exact, to get to Michigan to visit the hubs' family. It was a very, very, very long drive. Overall the trio was good but they definetly had their moments after being cooped up in the car for 12 hours a day. I taught the boys to pee in a bottle because every 30 min. they were asking to stop to go potty. Lucy did great. She would go when we would stop and for the most part not ask to stop but would just go again when we would stop for something. We haven't done much getting here. We have just taken it easy so far. We did drive over to the town the hubs was born in to place flowers on his mom's grave and then we drove over to the town he grew up in to see his brother and sister. His brothers boys were supposed to have a baseball game but it got rained out. So, we went out for pizza and then just hung out at his brothers house. The trio had a blast playing with 2 of their cousins. John and Luke are 9 and 11. They are just about the only ones that are anywhere close to their age. They all had fun and left me wishing we lived closer so they could have more time like that. I also always feel bad that my hubs doesn't get to spend the time with his family that he would like and we live next to mine.

The boys have followed grandpa around and been driving him crazy. Grandpa is making an ark plaything for his church's playground. The boys have been thrilled watching him work on that.

Sunday most of the family that is scattered across the state is coming over for a bbq. Then Monday morning his sister, her husband, her daughter and her husband and their baby, and his dad and his wife are driving with us up to Mackinaw City. We are going to spend the day on Mackinac Island. I just love the island and can't wait to show the kids Fort Mackinac. I think they will have a blast.