Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well, despite grandpa requiring emergency surgery on Saturday the BBQ went on as planned on Sunday. Grandpa even got to come home from the hospital Sunday morning in time for the BBQ. I think everyone had a great time and it was wonderful being able to see so many family members that we might not have been able to see. It was also wonderful for the trio to be able to hang out with their cousins a little more. They sure do love them and really had a great time playing with them.
Apparently I have a budding photographer. Markas took this picture of me.

Grandpa looks pretty good for having surgery less than 24 hours before this picture was taken.

Playing ladder golf. All the kids had a blast "playing" it.

Uncle Maury Chapin, Daddy, and trio

Uncles Dave and Maury Chapin, daddy, and trio

Daddy, Grandpa, Grandpa's twin brother, Dean, and cousin Juli(Dean's daughter) and her hubby Bruce.

Cousins!!! Uncle Mike's girls(2 of them anyway, the 3rd was off on her honeymoon). Katie, Grace and Lucy

More cousins! Back: John, Josh, Taylor, Luke, and Markas
Front: Grace, Lucy, and Katie
It would be quite a site to actually have all the cousins in one picture.

Uncle Mike, Aunt Cindi, and Daddy

Daddy and Markas


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Such a beautiful day. Family gatherings are wonderful!

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