Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Year Check Ups(finally)

We had our 5 year check ups today. As per the normal for us, there will be several follow up visits with specialist for all. Well, sort of. At any rate we will have a boat load of appointments coming up.

Lucy- 49 3/4 inches and 85 lbs. In sticking with the trend she is huge. My beautiful baby girl. Finally, someone listened. She will be having blood work and has gotten a referal to a special clinic. We will meet with a nutritionist(again, the 3rd time), but, there are several other doctors in this clinic including a GI doc. I really wanted a referal to endocrinology but I guess maybe we have to do this first. I don't know. I just want someone to tell me why I have monster for a daughter who is CONSTANTLY hungry. I don't let her eat whatever she wants or whenever she wants. I measure food and all that good stuff. So, hopefully, we are finally going to be on the way to getting some much needed help.
She also needs an eye exam as she didn't do very well on theirs. She saw the Opthomolgist in January but he has just always dilated her eyes and checked the retinas since she had ROP. He did tell me one time she had an astigmatism. Curious to see if she is going to need glasses yet.

Josh- 47 inches and 66 lbs. He is trending huge too. Actually, they have both made huge jumps on the growth chart. He will be going to the new clinic as well. He also is getting lab work done. He failed his hearing test on the right ear so we get another trip back to the audiologist.

Markas- 44 1/2 inches and 46 lbs. He is doing great. They changed him from Prevacid to Zantac. Hopefully it works. His vision test was worse than Lucy's so he is getting his eyes checked again as well. He is also getting labs done. The doctor wanted all of them to have cholesterol and stuff checked since we have history of early heart disease. My dad had his first heart attack at the age of 38. My grandmother was less than 40 as well.

All in all, doing well. We should stay nice and busy as usual with our appointments and daddy's upcoming knee replacement.


Anonymous said...

What about Markus?

Denise Wheeler said...

I don't know why it didn't post the whole thing. Strange. I redid it though.